Stylish Retro hanging necklace personal fan

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Stay Cool No Matter Where You Go!

Stylish, High-Quality, Retro-Chic Personal Fan!

USB Rechargeable!

At 2500 mAh, it's more powerful than most personal fans!


1. 6 hours long battery life: The fan has a built-in 2500mA battery and can charge 18650 batteries. Cycle charging, a gear can last more than 6 hours. USB charging interface, convenient and practical.

2. 29-blade design with strong wind and low noise: to make the airflow more even and dense, we use the innovative 29-blade axial curved fan blades, with the stability of the brushless motor, with a more sufficient and quieter air volume

3. 3-Speeds to Choose From: one gear provides soft air, which is suitable for lunch break sleep. The second gear is cool and doubled, suitable for work and study. The third gear is uphill and suitable for shopping trips.

4. Mini portable small fan, retro design style. The size of an adult fist, it fits easily in a clothes pocket and shoulder bag

5. Uses a smooth brush-less motor, energy saving at the bottom. Brush-less copper core motor can effectively reduce the friction of the shaft and improve the performance. Slow at low speeds, running gently. More energy efficient

Package Included:

1X Hanging Neck Fan 1X USB Data Cable 1X Lanyard 1X Manual

Fan blade material: plastic

Input: 5V-800mA
Capacity: 3.7V 6.66Wh (1800mAh 2500mAh)
Product size: 81.5x127.5x32(mm)