KrazyKat Cat Electric Tumbler Car Toy With LED

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One of the Hottest Cat Toys on the market!

Over 12,000 sold! Shipping from our USA warehouses!

No more Bored Cats! Fun and Great Exercise for your feline!

Your Cat will go bonkers and enjoy this for hours!



1. Driven by 2 wheels, this is a new, rechargeable design with USB connection.

2. With LED colorful flashing lights, it is filled with the technology feel and can meet the cat's playing demands.

3. Two Wheels Drive Independently: two motors continuously variable speed to achieve a variety of trajectories and effectively make the cat do more exercise.

4. Avoiding Obstacles automatically: with sensors to avoid obstacles, it can easily climb up carpets, wires and other obstacles without help.

5. LED Colorful Wheel: automatically change the color when starting, the wheel will light up and change the color during playing, which attracts the cat's attention.

6. Auto-circulation or Continuous play: it can make the cat play for 10 minutes and rest for 1.5 hours to prevent excessive movement or continuous power consumption of the cat in an unmanned state. It can continuously star by collision or manual.