Sale! Portable Wireless Electronic Muscle Stimulator & Toner, for Butt, Abs, Thighs

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Attention Butt, Abs and Thighs! The Wireless Muscle Stimulator is Here! Prepare to be Transformed!

We are running out of these neat, effective, interesting muscle stimulators.

These normally retail for up to $79.99!

Very, Very Effective  - and Easy on the Wallet!

  • HIGH QUALITY: This Abs Muscle Stimulator is a high-quality product which is made of soft polyurethane material for comfortable training. It is characterized with 6 modes and 9 levels of intensity optionally. At the same time, it’s light and portable. You can train in the office, the bedroom or anywhere else place where you want without any inconveniences. Not only in the gym. Everybody can use Muscle Toner at any time and wear them under clothes. It can be compared with your own skin.
  • THIS MUSCULAR TONER CAN HELP: to tone up, tighten and strengthen body muscles, including your butt, to get the best figure after consecutive usage within 2 months.
  • You can use this muscle toner at any time and in any place. It is extra-light, ultra-thin, durable and convenient for carrying.You can even wear it under clothes! That’s why you can wear it during reading, movie watching or housework or even during the business or walking trips.
  • EASY FOR YOU: It is very useful for people with excess weight: fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, busy people, young white collars, people who lead a passive way of life or people who hate exercises. The effective exercise is the real replacement of the gym. The Muscle Toner for men as well as for women. It is for the training of muscles and for weight loss.
  • 6 MODES:This electric muscle toner has 6 modes and 9 levels of intensity optionally. This device transmits the current signal directly to the muscles thus they are constantly training. It increases the blood pressure and the circulation, favorably influences the weight reduction, especially

  • Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery
  • Requires three (3) AAA Batteries. Not Included.